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Charitable Donation Season

October 7, 2004

I begin with two figures: The percentage of admin costs for two different causes.

United Way of Central Ohio Admin Costs: 10%

Iraqi Reconstruction
Admin Costs: 73%

Wow, only 27% of all Iraqi expenditures reach the reconstruction projects in Iraq. Where does the money go? (see the source link at the bottom) While I realize this comparison is not a 1 to 1 situation; I thought we would be able to do far better than 27% (As did a lot of other people). What am I getting at: first, the situation in Iraq is a gigantic problem from security issues, fraud, and reconstruction awards. Second, there is a misconception in certain parts of the community about the United Way.

Second part first: The United Way of Central Ohio is a popular target for conservatives I happen to know. It is unpopular for several reasons. The first thing that I hear about is the large overhead for the administration of the programs. This however is not true in many cases. The current administrative costs for the United Way of Central Ohio is 10%. That is a very good rate. The second reason is the myriad of programs that the United Way supports. In the past, support for Planned Parenthood has been an issue as is it’s non support of the Boy Scouts due to it’s policies concerning gays. These don’t seem to show on the listing linked above. The end result: look at the ways you can help your community. The United Way is one good method. Look for others if it does not meet your needs.

First part second: What can I say that hasn’t been said before. This is just another listing of the failings of our occupation of Iraq. We cannot hope to have an infrastructure as good as the the US in just a year and a half, but only 27%! It is a travesty. It is a deteriorating situation for security. The political situation is just as bad. I have one hope for the situation in Iraq. It does not include the current administration.


United Way of Central Ohio (

Iraqi reconstruction expenditures (PDF Format) (The Center for Strategic & International Studies)

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  1. Erica Kittleson permalink
    October 7, 2004 7:36 pm

    0ne thing that is not taken into account with the United Way donations is that the money goes to a 2nd agency with its own overhead. It would be impossible to determine how much of that is being used to may administrative costs. However, don’t let that deter you from donating to United Way since it is a great program that is necessary.

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