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Huzzah, bigotry!

October 18, 2004

I happen to live in a state where there is a ballot measure on gay marriage. Issue 1 is worded so strictly that it would not only bar gay marriage, it would bar any benefits to all unmarried partners. This measure is so insidious and far reaching that the Governor Bob Taft (R), State Attorney General Jim Petro (R), U.S. Senators Mike DeWine (R) and George Voinovich (R) have come out against it. This will create a legal nightmare while angering and alienating the homosexual communities in Ohio. I get a sense of this personally from some of my closest friends. One friend in particular is so disillusioned over the measure he is contemplating moving from his hometown.

This is the first thing that has made me so ashamed to be an Ohioan. He may not be able to continue the fight for gay rights in the state. I will gladly pick up this burden and share it with him. It is the least I can do.

Human Rights Campaign:

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