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Health Care (Infant Mortality in Ohio)

January 3, 2005

My wife, Erica, pointed out the linked article in the local and it got me thinking about health care for the uninsured. I have an idea that highlights our poor healthcare. I think it always comes to: “It’s the economy stupid”. Aside from an odd spike in 1999; it had been trending downward during the boom. Look at 2001-2003: it spikes up. This could be correlated with recent underemployment within the black community. Black women may not have lost jobs or may be holding onto employment; however it is not as good. Hypothetical: single black mother works for a place that has health insurance but gets laid off. She then picks up another job, but without benefits. She then relies on the free care that was not an effective line of defense in the 1990s either. Why this would not affect white women? Husbands. More married white people, more chance for adequate health coverage.

Again, thanks to my wife for pushing me to think outside what I normally consider.

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