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Real stories of "True Crime"

April 8, 2005

This is a story much like others from the urban jungle. A tale of destruction, loss, and heartbreak. One that just happened to me last night. Well Frank Miller probably will not write a graphic novel, Gil Grissom and the CSI team won’t be poring over the evidence, Detective Lenny Briscoe won’t be cracking wise, and no one is setting up a wiretap to catch a notorious gang of thieves (Well unless my stolen suitcase has something to do with “White Slavery”). This is the more boring. My car got broken into. The perpetrator broke my car window and got away with my CDs and suitcase. No police came out, I filed my report via conversant telephone system. The car damage is minimal so I am not filing a claim on that. The only things left open on this are the homeowners claim on my stolen property and just fixing the window myself. The end result is that I am irritated by the situation. There is not much the police can do. My insurance company cannot cover all claims (unless I want to pay really high rates). This is just another case of “True Crime” in the “Urban Jungle”.

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