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I Am Not a Good Communicator

August 14, 2007

I should be a little more specific: I don’t think I am a good communicator. I certainly am not an avid writer. I have almost a half dozen drafts for blog entries waiting to be finished. I think I tend to drone on a bit much when I talk. I need to tighten my ideas, so that I can get my message across better.

These issues were the reason I started writing this blog. I want to get better at communicating, so I resigned myself to practicing. The process turning my ideas into something coherent wears me down a bit. I hope it gets easier with more practice.

On that note I saw a blog post by Julian Sanchez that sums up where I think I am. He uses the term “Exactly Good Enough to Suck”. It is the nether-regions between not trying and being proficient. It is tough being “good enough to suck”, but I am resigned to trying to being good.

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